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Self Defense Workshop

DATE: September 5th,7-9pm
LOCATION: Step II Dance Center,  8941 New Falls Rd. Levittown, PA 19054
REGISTRATION: Call 215-946-4530 

Self Defense starts with understanding how predators think and how to identify potentially dangerous situations -and only then move into how to react and self-protect. This seminar is open to men and women of all ages. Space is limited so please call ahead to reserve your spot.

Instructor: Mike Austin along with female assistants.


Women’s Assault Prevention Seminar

DATE: November 26th,  10am-1pm
LOCATION: Activity Center. 425 Wells Road. Doylestown, PA
REGISTRATION: Parks and Recreation Website

It is estimated that 33% of women will be assaulted by age 24, and the majority of them will know and trust their attacker. Women’s assault prevention is a lot more than just learning how to hit or kick. It’s about learning how predators think and how to identify dangerous situations before they become violent. This seminar will include a power point discussing the dangers young women face, as well as hands on self defense training taught by retired and decorated police officer, and nationally recognized assault prevention expert, Mike Austin.

Instructor: Mike Austin along with female instructors.



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